Are You Coo Coo? - Like Newton, Tesla, & Einstein Were?


AXIOMS for "coo-coo":

A strictly medical term, used to describe a patient or person that has delved into a realm of irrational, illogical and/or crazy thought processes; Affected with madness; insane to an exceeding degree characterized by weakness or feebleness; decrepit; broken; falling to decay; shaky; unsafe; and foolish.

"See that guy trying to put that square peg into that round hole? I think he's gone coo coo!

CORROLORIES for "coo-coo":

Issac Newton - was termed "coo coo" in his day for sitting under an apple tree and thinking about what keeps him 'stuck' to the earth. So he developed the laws of motion and gravity, which we are still using today.

Nikola Tesla - was said to be: A "coo coo" man talking non-sense, when in the year of 1890, he presented the medical university with a modern day lazer beam for use in medical opperations.

Albert Einstein - was said to be "coo coo" to the hightest degree by his high school professers, for suggesting that times slows down when objects accelerate.

John von Neumann - inventor of the modern day computer, was thought to be totally "coo coo" when he told the university that electricty could do mathamatic calculations at the speed of light, much much faster the a Human can.

Nicolaus Copernicus - was told by the church that he was totally "coo coo", in thinking that the earth rotated around the sun. He was almost executed by the Church for speaking this publiclly.

Are You Coo-Coo?